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10 Things Women Can Do to Hurt Their Relationship Without Knowing It

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As it's common for men and women to occasionally argue, much of this fighting is due to the differences between the sixes. The good news is that much of the fighting can be avoided with a little know how. Here are some of the reasons why women hurt their relationships with men without knowing why.

Not giving them room
Women love the nearness that happens in a relationship. A common slip-up is that they can overcrowd their man. This can mean putting their pretty things like plants and trinkets around the house, wearing his clothes, using his stuff without asking him. In the battle between the sixes, one of the biggest difficulties is that men need space. Not only can overcrowding be done from too much talking or time spent together, but sensitivity is needed when it comes to personal room and belongings.

Being "catty" towards women
We've all seen it, where women can be really mean towards other women as if they're competing against them for some reason? Where they say really mean remarks about each other, or talk poorly behind their backs. This type of conduct really just displays her unattractive face, and comes off as fake from his point of view. It will not paint her out to be the loving and compassionate woman he most likely fell in love with.

Criminate their partner
Something very common is that women regularly compare themselves to other girls, then they shift the fault onto the man they're with as if it was his idea. Regardless of whether he has actually even seen how thin, good-looking, or big her breasts are, out of insecurity women will contrast themselves to other women. The trick question is then asked, "Do you feel she's more _______ than me?"

Always late
Sometimes women can take a lengthy time to get ready. More care should have been given to the time needed in advance so that they aren't late. Men like to be in control, and when his schedule gets messed up, it puts him out of control. This can easily explain part of his frustration, is that he has lost some control. Not to mention that no one likes waiting for a long period of time, as men typically take less time to prepare and be out the door.

"What are you thinking?"
Women will every now and then ask the question, "Watcha thinking" to their guy, even when he's not thinking of something. Guys have an ability to just sit there and be able to not think of anything. They can shut off their brain and just "tune out". Try not to over analyze things and assume he's thinking of something deep, or that he's closing you out when he doesn't defend what he was thinking about. He was just zoning out

Expecting Guys to be Telepathic
Men aren't psychic, but every so often women expect them to be. The age old pastime of expecting men to be aware of how they feel or know what they mean is going to lead any relationship into more difficulty than good. Guys like to speak directly, where words mean precisely what is said. Sometimes women expect their man to understand exactly what's on their thoughts, or that one thing meant something else. Women speak using words and empathy with one another. They need to understand that men don't have the knowledge of that empathy, but rather anticipate direct communication. Expecting men to understand them when no direct communication was given, or expecting him to understand how she feels, can be unfair. It's best to stick with talking plainly about it.

Wants to know everything about his past
Especially the women in his past, she will sometimes want to know everything about him. Then even though they've broken up long ago, she will go on comparing herself to his exes out of lack of confidence.

Being Overly Insecure
Being too insecure can come off as unattractive and plain irritating. Instead she should act strong and confident in who she is. This will come off as very attractive and will make her more fun to be around.

Pushing too hard
In expecting him to open up about certain subjects or wanting him to talk more that he usually does, women can sometimes be too pushy. Men may need more time to develop a trust towards her, or he may just not have that much to say. Give the time he needs to open up because pushing him too hard, can just push him away.

Trying to keep him away from his friends
Yes during a relationship it's reasonable to expect more time and closeness from a specific person. But if she is hoarding all his time and focus, it can put a wedge among his friends and her. A balance in all the interactions would be better here. After all, there are certain issues he's not going to go to her and talk about. His friends will be practical then.

Those are the common mistakes that women do that can annoy the man they're with. By being alert and avoiding them, these common mistakes women make won't get in the way of your relationships.

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