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Starbucks CEO: No tolerance for traditional marriage supporters

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Offline bohica

I am boycotting Starbucks starting tomorrow.

Because of this:
At the Starbucks annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, CEO Howard Schultz sent a clear message to anyone who supports traditional marriage over gay marriage: we don't want your business. After saying Starbucks wants to "embrace diversity of all kinds," he told a shareholder who supports traditional marriage that he should sell his shares and invest in some other company.

According to a report by Forbes, Schultz seemed a bit intolerant of any Starbucks shareholders who opposed gay marriage for moral or religious reasons. During the meeting, shareholder Tom Strobhar (who founded the Corporate Morality Action Center) pointed out that after the company voiced its support for a referendum backing gay marriage in Washington state, a boycott by traditional marriage supporters caused a drop in sales revenue. Schultz told him "You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company" if he did not agree with the company's pro-gay marriage stand.

Despite strong opposition from the religious and political right, support for gay marriage in America has risen in recent years. The rise of support for gay marriage has also seen a rise of intolerance for those who oppose it. Many who joined the boycott of Starbucks last year were dismissed as bigots, even though the boycott did cause revenue to drop. A website,, has earned tens of thousands of supporters who refuse to buy from the coffee chain in response.

Here is my message to the CEO of Starbucks: Diversity is not giving support to a faction or a side.  Supporting gay marriage while foregoing traditional marriage is NOT diversity.  FWIW I have no qualms over gay marriage.  My motto - different folks, different strokes. 


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