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Offline MrSmailee

on: March 17, 2017, 04:51:23 AM

What is PTC?
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Ang daming gusto kumita pero ayaw mag hirap. Walang easy to to earn, lahat pinag hihirapan, minsan nga magbasa lang dipa magawa, pano ka kikita? Want to earn? It All Starts With YOU. Not Methods. Not Google. YOU ! ! !

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1. View Advertisement
2. Mini Jobs
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4. Grid
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Wala kang PayPal?

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Example of Advertisements
Click Earn Money, View Advertisement Etc Etc
View Advertisements follow instruction to earn.

Example of Grid
Mag click lang kahit saan may chance ka manalo depende sa offer ng mga PTC sites. Take note lahat ng PTC Sites may ganito explore niyo nalang, mahaba na pag isa isahin ko pa.



View Ads everyday, Minijobs, Grid.

Pano tayo kikita? Ito ang trick basahin mabuti. Every View ads may bayad, oo maliit ang bayad almost per day ko 0.10$ lang not worth it right? Pero ang trick dito is referrals, every click ng referrals mo may makukuha ka, there is 2 options of referrals, direct referrals and rent referrals. Oo tama naisip mo pwede tayo mag rent ng referrals. 0.10$ per day ko, pero kunwari meron ako 100 referrals, 0.10 x 100 = 10$ a day ee pano pag mas madami pa direct or rented referrals mo? Ayos diba? Pano tayo makakarent ng referrals? Bibili tayo gamit ang naipon nating funds kaka click araw araw, pero may limit ang referrals at nag eexpired din sila but not the direct referrals, so dapat mag uupgrade tayo ng membership to extend the limit of referrals, at pwede na naman nating dagdagan. Isipin mo nalang kung madami na referrals mo ilan na kikitain mo? Dapat mag click ads ka everyday para qualify kana naman kinabukasan sa mga clicks ng referrals mo, pag dika nag click ng isang araw, kinabukasan lahat ng click ng referrals mo wala ka makukuha. Meron din tayong Panel sa referrals, dun mo makikita ang activity ng referrals mo, pag napansin mong tamad at hindi nag cliclick pwede mo siyang i recycle o palitan.

So the trick is Earn > Rent Referrals > Upgrade Account > Rent Referrals > Upgrade Account > Rent Referrals

Paulit ulit lang nating gawin un, i max natin lahat at pag max na ok na kikita na tayo, im gonna show you a proof of payments, hindi saakin to pero dun ako na motivate. Makikita niyo sa una maliit pa kita niya. Pero nung na max niya na lahat lumalaki na kita niya. Proofs po un ng isa kong PTC site.

Heto nung nag uumpisa palang siya 2015

Heto nung nasa kalagitnaan na siya 2016

Heto na ngaun 2017

You see the hard work?

Napahanga ka rin ba? Take note isang PTC site lang yan. The best trick is Join more Legit PTC sites. Kahit cents lang kinikita natin sa una kung marami ka namang sites edi ok diba? Ipunin mo lahat sa paypal mo tas Invest mo sa site na trip mo para mas mabilis ka maka rent ng referrals mo.

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Member ako sa mga site na to

Bago lang to Subukan natin - (June 1 End ng Contest nito 1000$ 1st prize)

Notepad niyo mga accounts niyo para di kayo malito.


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Offline naruto789544

Reply #1 on: March 25, 2017, 01:42:39 AM
good for homebased people where a pc or laptop and internet connection is the only physical requirement.  the rest as they say is up to the person....


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