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  • spidey: Doc Lv... alam ko andyan ka lang  ^-^
    Today at 06:41:19 PM
  • Cathrina: Ikaw bakit wala kang post sa general patronage today ?
    Today at 06:42:18 PM
  • spidey: medyo mabagal utak ko today rest ko muna siya baka ma overused >:D
    Today at 06:43:36 PM
  • spidey: hindi nga ko nasilip dun sa kabila bahay :))
    Today at 06:44:17 PM
  • Cathrina: Haha over used na nga eh  >:D
    Today at 06:45:46 PM
  • spidey: :))
    Today at 06:46:26 PM
  • Cathrina: Rest mo muna utak mo baka sasabog yon dapat  :)) joke
    Today at 06:46:30 PM
  • spidey: atleast dito relax sa tabi mo :D
    Today at 06:46:58 PM
  • Cathrina: Honga lika dito sa tabi  :)
    Today at 06:48:07 PM
  • spidey: :sipol:
    Today at 06:52:01 PM
  • Cathrina: Ligo muna ako spicath alis na ako for work in an hr
    Today at 06:52:21 PM
  • Cathrina: Ingat ka
    Today at 06:52:57 PM
  • spidey: nakakasipol pa :))
    Today at 06:53:07 PM
  • spidey: ok
    Today at 06:53:14 PM
  • spidey: sige ingat sa banyo baka madulas sila  ???
    Today at 06:53:34 PM
  • spidey: magasgasan ang legs ;)
    Today at 06:53:46 PM
  • Cathrina: :))
    Today at 06:54:16 PM
  • spidey: :-*
    Today at 06:54:43 PM
  • Cathrina: Gasgas na eh hihi ..bye
    Today at 06:54:47 PM
  • fayt: >:( gusto kong magwala sa SB dahil walang staff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   joke lang  ;D ;D ;D  :peace: :peace: :hi1: sa lahat
    Today at 08:18:58 PM

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