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  • abrakadabra: good morning madam lady :)
    Today at 04:04:51 PM
  • abrakadabra: hope to know you more madam chinkeebabe ;)
    Today at 04:05:05 PM
  • chinkeebabe: ofcourse ser abrakadabra.. you can know me through my posts here in the forum... :P
    Today at 04:06:51 PM
  • abrakadabra: hahaha yes! that's what I'm trying to say haha
    Today at 04:08:09 PM
  • chinkeebabe: taga saan ka ba sir abrakadabra?
    Today at 04:09:17 PM
  • abrakadabra: pinas madam, you po?
    Today at 04:15:22 PM
  • chinkeebabe: jeddah sir... :)
    Today at 04:17:18 PM
  • abrakadabra: layo madam hehe buti na lang may pt ;) gaano katagal ka na po dyan?
    Today at 04:20:47 PM
  • chinkeebabe: simula bata sir.. 5 taong gulang po nun napadpad ako dito sa lupalop ng saudi arabia
    Today at 04:22:09 PM
  • abrakadabra: nauwi na po kayo dito sa pinas?
    Today at 04:25:30 PM
  • chinkeebabe: oo naman sir.. bakasyon nga lang.. hehehe
    Today at 04:38:35 PM
  • abrakadabra: kelan po ulit nyan?hehe
    Today at 04:46:07 PM
  • chinkeebabe: this coming april po.. :)
    Today at 05:00:44 PM
  • abrakadabra: konting tulog na lang pala hehe
    Today at 05:02:11 PM
  • chinkeebabe: hahahah.. ilang kembot nalang.. :P
    Today at 05:05:06 PM
  • abrakadabra: oo nga po madam hehe
    Today at 05:14:48 PM
  • ladyvirus01: ^-^
    Today at 05:16:19 PM
  • chinkeebabe: hi madam lady virus.. :D
    Today at 05:18:31 PM
  • kulotsken: hi chinkeebabe
    Today at 07:50:11 PM
  • chinkeebabe: hello kulotsken.. :)
    Today at 07:59:31 PM

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