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  • johnmark33: maalon na umaga sa inyo dito japan
    Today at 12:50:25 AM
  • bohica: san ka sa Japan john?  nandyan kami last month.
    Today at 01:07:52 AM
  • shane: :lr: :lr:
    Today at 01:16:52 AM
  • bohica: matulog ka na shane
    Today at 01:19:29 AM
  • shane: hehehe boss naman kagigising ko lang
    Today at 01:24:54 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :hi1:
    Today at 03:05:43 AM
  • shane: :lr: :lr:
    Today at 03:08:24 AM
  • shane: may tao ba?  :brucelee1:
    Today at 03:09:30 AM
  • ladyvirus01: ;D manong shane
    Today at 03:10:29 AM
  • shane: musta doc? :hi1:
    Today at 03:13:18 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :) panget pa rin  :suka3:
    Today at 03:18:06 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :peace:
    Today at 03:21:07 AM
  • shane: :bye: doc sleep na ako  8) 8) 8)
    Today at 03:25:02 AM
  • shane: magsusulat kasi ako bukas, day- off ko >:D >:D
    Today at 03:27:26 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :bye: night manong shane
    Today at 03:27:59 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :think: cge adik tau bukas wala din ako pasok
    Today at 03:28:30 AM
  • shane: :-X :-X :-X may kasama ako bukas
    Today at 03:29:39 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :)
    Today at 03:29:52 AM
  • ladyvirus01: ;D gawa tau ng meryenda, turon at sago gulaman manong
    Today at 03:30:12 AM
  • t: mwnn pt!
    Today at 07:20:41 AM

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