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  • evil666war: my taga laguna b dto?
    Today at 12:54:53 AM
  • evil666war: cnu my skype?* girl lng
    Today at 12:56:05 AM
  • evil666war: hi
    Today at 01:05:30 AM
  • evil666war: hi
    Today at 01:06:37 AM
  • evil666war: hi
    Today at 01:08:07 AM
  • evil666war: hi
    Today at 01:09:00 AM
  • abrakadabra: haha hirap yan
    Today at 01:09:56 AM
  • LimitLess™: a
    Today at 01:42:16 AM
  • ladyvirus01: C:-)
    Today at 01:45:33 AM
  • yuri_mel: yun lang yellow card kaagad binigay ni mam L.V
    Today at 01:59:51 AM
  • yuri_mel: ilang araw na lang see soon philippines whoaaa ilabas ang red horse wahahaha
    Today at 03:13:34 AM
  • ladyvirus01: Hi
    Today at 03:46:41 AM
  • Lhemmz: elow ::)
    Today at 04:15:02 AM
  • yuri_mel: still awake ladyvirus01
    Today at 04:30:05 AM
  • ladyvirus01: Yes sir 10:34 pp here
    Today at 04:34:32 AM
  • ladyvirus01: Evening
    Today at 04:34:55 AM
  • yuri_mel: saan po ba location niyo mam?
    Today at 04:43:38 AM
  • c0nfidential: magandang gabi po...kumusta na lahat dito
    Today at 04:45:36 AM
  • yuri_mel: sir umaga na po hehehehe :P
    Today at 05:06:45 AM
  • spidey: :lr:
    Today at 01:40:43 PM

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