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  • lucypher mockz: >:D
    Today at 01:35:47 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :hi1: good morning
    Today at 02:29:44 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :lr: hmmm wala tao
    Today at 02:35:28 PM
  • KLYDERED: magandang hapon
    Today at 02:54:38 PM
  • danicaroze: wala nga tao =)
    Today at 03:07:11 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :-X solo ko
    Today at 03:17:26 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Hi danica
    Today at 03:18:39 PM
  • fayt: >:( ikaw na may fs......
    Today at 03:34:34 PM
  • fayt: :penge: karisma ng magkachiks naman ako.....  :uwa:
    Today at 03:34:54 PM
  • libogski: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Today at 03:34:58 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :penge: faytski fs ko!!!!!
    Today at 03:37:00 PM
  • fayt: :o  takboooooooooooooo [img][/img]
    Today at 03:46:04 PM
  • ladyvirus01: [link]
    Today at 03:55:45 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Uy ano yan faytski? Hindi naman kita
    Today at 03:57:52 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Page not found
    Today at 03:58:36 PM
  • fayt: yeah... kala ko pwede mag insert ng ibang smiley gamit ng bbcode hahaha....
    Today at 04:01:17 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Hahaha
    Today at 04:01:46 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :dance2:
    Today at 04:02:07 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Yan nga di pwede oh
    Today at 04:02:19 PM
  • fayt: hahaha.... sayang... namimiss ko na gamitin yun mga smiley like :omg:
    Today at 04:25:28 PM

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