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  • Lhemmz: ::)
    Today at 05:02:38 PM
  • Mr....B: ^-^ cath musta nmn dito?
    Today at 05:04:19 PM
  • Mr....B: spidey labasssssss ;D
    Today at 05:05:03 PM
  • Cathrina: Hihi oks pa sa olryt mr ikaw kumusta?at ang bakasyon mo??
    Today at 05:06:46 PM
  • Mr....B: ayos nmn maulan s pinas. kaya hindi masyado nka gala...
    Today at 05:08:06 PM
  • Cathrina: Aww sayang but atleast nakasama mo mga mahal mo sa buhay hihi
    Today at 05:28:56 PM
  • Cathrina: Mr b kumusta ka daw sabi ni sis LV nde siya makapag sb nasa work cya at nakatapa lang hihi
    Today at 05:36:18 PM
  • Mr....B: ok lng po sbhin m n  miss ko sya heheh :D
    Today at 05:40:19 PM
  • F22raptor890: Anak
    Today at 05:42:48 PM
  • F22raptor890: Anak
    Today at 05:43:01 PM
  • Cathrina: Hihi nasabi na po mr b  :P
    Today at 05:45:02 PM
  • Cathrina: ^-^ po F22 ishort nalang name ang haba eh
    Today at 05:45:43 PM
  • Mr....B: musta nmn kayo ni spicath m? sweet p din b? hihihi
    Today at 05:48:44 PM
  • Cathrina: Haha busy
    Today at 05:59:03 PM
  • x: ^-^
    Today at 06:01:24 PM
  • tambayk: good evening :)
    Today at 06:13:55 PM
  • snuggykin: hi good eve!  ::)
    Today at 07:47:18 PM
  • snuggykin: ::)
    Today at 07:47:39 PM
  • magbubukid:    
     New personal best on
    with a score of 7439
    Today at 08:19:24 PM
  • magbubukid:    
     New personal best on
    with a score of 9195
    Today at 08:30:47 PM

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