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Refresh History
  • kaiziner: ok master shane\
    Today at 01:11:45 PM
  • Cathrina: Uy ganda naman ng kulay name nila
    Today at 03:52:22 PM
  • EreimondB: Agent Orange?! Hehehe nice
    Today at 03:53:06 PM
  • aga muhlach: bakit naging ganun ang kulay nang name nila?
    Today at 03:55:12 PM
  • kaiziner: bakit yung  storya ng  BAKASYON d na po na tuloy??
    Today at 03:56:10 PM
  • Cathrina: Sainyo rin po sir aga hehe very nice
    Today at 03:56:32 PM
  • aDiDas: kulay ng name nyo nagbabase sa primary group na gamit nyo
    Today at 03:57:13 PM
  • kaiziner: ganda ng kolay haha
    Today at 03:58:39 PM
  • aga muhlach: hahaha... base pala sa Abangerz Group...
    Today at 04:01:13 PM
  • aDiDas: ano sa tingin nyo kung ganyan, hindi na boring sa members online section sa baba, hindi na puro blue
    Today at 04:06:51 PM
  • aga muhlach: hi ms. Cathrina... Dahil daw pala ito sa group na sinalihan ko...
    Today at 04:09:01 PM
  • Cathrina: Maganda po ang kulay sir admin
    Today at 04:10:00 PM
  • aDiDas: thanks, check nyo yung updates sa social groups
    Today at 04:13:14 PM
  • x: :book1:
    Today at 04:15:02 PM
  • Kurimasu: Sunday Group - Bulalo Society mag-ingay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Today at 04:18:37 PM
  • Cathrina: Kanta ka po sir kuri
    Today at 04:24:17 PM
  • EreimondB: ingay! ingay! ingay! ingay! hehehe
    Today at 05:04:35 PM
  • Kurimasu: i will sing a song for us... come on come... yeah yeah.. wo wo wo.... ahhhhh ohhhhhhh... break it down...
    Today at 05:44:58 PM
  • aga muhlach: sir aDiDas... can we choose a color now?
    Today at 05:47:13 PM
  • aDiDas: cge tol
    Today at 07:08:25 PM

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