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  • fayt: ayun OK na uli ang email.... sabi na nga ba may problem yun lumang email hehehe.... salamat po chief
    Today at 01:01:08 PM
  • aDiDas: ok na ba tol?
    Today at 02:05:47 PM
  • fayt: yeah.... sa ngayon back in business yun pagprompt sa email ko yun mga replies hehe.... salamat uli...
    Today at 02:11:33 PM
  • aDiDas: ok tol np
    Today at 02:16:56 PM
  • fayt: ayun naka 1 pt na hehehe
    Today at 02:28:43 PM
  • aDiDas: namove ko na tol sa new folder
    Today at 02:37:45 PM
  • fayt: thanks po....
    Today at 02:40:23 PM
  • Sugarol69: Hi
    Today at 02:50:09 PM
  • annpogi: hallooooooooooooooooooooooo
    Today at 04:16:36 PM
  • mico: thanks Benene  :))
    Today at 04:19:31 PM
  • mico: :-X
    Today at 04:20:08 PM
  • Cathrina: Mico merry christmas  :))
    Today at 04:22:40 PM
  • mico: huh? Sis Cath, hmm,  Merry X'mas din! lols
    Today at 04:50:37 PM
  • Cathrina: :P kumusta mics ?
    Today at 04:56:30 PM
  • mico: Oks lang sis Cath, naging busy lately sa work at travel kaya now lang naligaw d2.
    Today at 05:08:07 PM
  • Cathrina: Relax at mag pt den mico pagmay time  :P
    Today at 05:26:46 PM
  • Schy: Haleerrrrrr
    Today at 05:47:02 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :lr:
    Today at 06:10:28 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :-X solo ko yeheeyyy
    Today at 06:14:52 PM
  • raymart7089: hi
    Today at 07:18:16 PM

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