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  • NameLess: :suka3:
    Today at 02:47:12 PM
  • NameLess: :book1: hanap ng bago..
    Today at 03:57:12 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :hi1:
    Today at 04:23:11 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Hi bunso longbtime no chat
    Today at 04:23:32 PM
  • NameLess: hi there sis v.. !! long time no chat
    Today at 04:46:25 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :-X solo ko sb
    Today at 05:08:28 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Good to see u around nameless
    Today at 05:09:31 PM
  • NameLess: oo nga ee.. yung mga friend nating ka peetee sa fb.. try ko ulit yayain baka ganahan din..
    Today at 05:27:14 PM
  • NameLess: maka tambay nga muna.. yosi mode  :run:
    Today at 06:15:41 PM
  • spidey: :hilo:
    Today at 06:59:39 PM
  • reza: hi
    Today at 08:17:33 PM
  • reza: bago na pla tagal kong di n nkapasok d2
    Today at 08:18:09 PM
  • micky: hellooooo poh
    Today at 08:25:40 PM
  • reza: hi
    Today at 08:26:33 PM
  • NameLess: WAA UWIAN NANAMAN..   bukz ulit me post
    Today at 08:45:27 PM
  • reza: musta n sis lady & sir escape  :-*
    Today at 08:51:44 PM
  • ladyvirus01: Hi si reza long time ni chat
    Today at 08:56:13 PM
  • reza: oo nga sis
    Today at 08:59:05 PM
  • reza: ay 5pm n pla tapos na duty ko
    Today at 08:59:35 PM
  • churaMo: ^-^
    Today at 11:08:56 PM

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