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  • ladyvirus01: Thank you sa fs spideyman ha  :-[
    Today at 12:01:00 AM
  • mico: Doc  >:(
    Today at 12:24:57 AM
  • femlickerz: taeng smiley to hirap hulihin
    Today at 12:37:36 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :brucelee1: micolit
    Today at 12:51:21 AM
  • mico: Doc,lols
    Today at 12:57:47 AM
  • mico: kaya mo Yan DJ Fem hahaha
    Today at 12:57:56 AM
  • aDiDas: nagtry din ako hirap pala ginagawa nyo
    Today at 01:05:19 AM
  • Lumpiang_Zanghai: hihihi minsan andyan lang minsan alaws talaga ;D
    Today at 01:07:12 AM
  • Lumpiang_Zanghai: nakita ko na ito (smiley for the day) kanina nung hinanahap ko yung unang smiley
    Today at 01:08:48 AM
  • mico: lols labasan mga addict, wala padin tatalo saken, nung first time ko makahuli. pag hanap ko sa thread naka lock na, 10am palang complete na wahahahahaha
    Today at 01:13:40 AM
  • mico: :suka3: :suka3: :suka3:
    Today at 01:13:48 AM
  • mico: I was like...  :( :( :(
    Today at 01:14:29 AM
  • femlickerz: hahaha
    Today at 01:24:04 AM
  • femlickerz: i-ready nyo na mga songs nyo at pauwi na ako  :suka3: :suka3:
    Today at 01:24:21 AM
  • raymart7089: hi
    Today at 01:37:09 AM
  • raymart7089: magandang gabi mga ka PT!
    Today at 01:37:41 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :hi1:
    Today at 01:53:25 PM
  • ladyvirus01: :-X solo ko ang sb yeheeeyyy
    Today at 01:54:26 PM
  • ladyvirus01: 8)
    Today at 02:03:07 PM
  • iceprince:    
     New champion of
    with a score of 1535500
    Today at 02:06:24 PM

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