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  • ladyvirus01: msg405002 pls send your entry via pm.....thanks
    Today at 12:31:54 AM
  • ladyvirus01: Hahaha mali yung limk ko
    Today at 12:32:51 AM
  • ladyvirus01: [link] ok ito na pls send your entry guys ipm nio lang skn thanks  :)
    Today at 12:34:18 AM
  • DeaconFrost: ma'am. nareceive mo po entry ko?
    Today at 12:34:53 AM
  • ladyvirus01: Wala naman deacon weh
    Today at 12:35:12 AM
  • ladyvirus01: ::) san mo send deacon sa ano ba?
    Today at 12:35:39 AM
  • ladyvirus01: Pm ko
    Today at 12:35:46 AM
  • DeaconFrost: hinulog ko na po sa tambiolo. kalakip ang 5 tansan.  ;D
    Today at 12:41:48 AM
  • ladyvirus01: :suka3:
    Today at 12:44:19 AM
  • Justinian: hahaha... ang galing nun DFrost...
    Today at 12:50:52 AM
  • DeaconFrost: hehehe... Justinian, oks ba?
    Today at 12:59:04 AM
  • Justinian: daming kong tawa DFrost.
    Today at 01:00:25 AM
  • DeaconFrost: hehehe. tinamaan ng topak pre. hehehe
    Today at 01:44:24 AM
  • Justinian: okay yan trip mo DFrost... Samahan kita diyan..
    Today at 01:53:12 AM
  • fayt: 2-2 sa dota ngayon..... hmmmm....
    Today at 02:35:28 AM
  • fayt: inaantok na ako pero ayoko pa matulog
    Today at 02:45:59 AM
  • fayt: tutulog o wag na lang.... ???  :))
    Today at 04:23:57 AM
  • fayt: 2-3  :'(
    Today at 04:38:44 AM
  • fayt: last game sana manalo  ;)
    Today at 04:38:59 AM
  • Cathrina: >:D
    Today at 05:15:50 AM

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