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Slimming Water, Healing Water, and pampa Beauty Products

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Mga ka PT share ko lang mga produktong minamarket ko dito and if mainteres man kayo in any of them, comment lang kayo dito or PM me.

1. Bio QQ

+ Purifies and alkalizes tap water through our unique and innovative 8 ceramic ball bearings stage filtration system

+ Dechlorinates and disinfects water.

+ Creates a slightly alkaline ionized water solution.

+ Creates an Antioxidant rich water solution.

+ Contains ceramic ball bearings encapsulated with Sophoricosidean internationally patented substance

+ The portable filter cartridge can be used with regular bottles (given the opening of a water bottle is of standard size).

2. Hydrione

Turns regular tap water into Shungite water. Water becomes mineralized, ionized, energized, and alkalanized.

Drinking shungite water daily can cure and prevent digestive, muscular, and neural system illness and increase blood circulation.

Shungite water also has an antihistaminic effect. After drinking shungite water, there is a dramatic decrease of antihistamine in the bloodstream which reduces allergies.

Shungite water is also beneficial for the treatment of the ff:
acne, all kinds of allergies, anemia, asthma, cardiovascular diseases, chronic fatigue, common cold, diabetes, upset stomach, indigestion, gall bladder issues, weak immune system, impotence, kidney/liver/pancreases disease, skin issues

More info on Shungite:

The only place shungite is located in a deposit in Zazhoginskoye, near Lake Onega in a region called Shung in the republic of Karelia, north west of Russia and east of Finland.

Russian scientists have been studying shungite for over 100 years and calculate its existence on earth at almost 2 billion years. Russian scientists coined Shungite:

“The Stone of Life,”
Medicine of the 21st Century

Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost all organic compounds (including pesticides) as well as heavy metals, bacteria, chlorine compounds, nitrates and harmful micro-organisms.

The Shungite water has strong antibacterial properties. It will clean visually dirty water. The water is not only cleaned, but also becomes a colloidal solution of hydrated Fullerenes.

Ito lang po muna post ko, bukas naman ang iba. Comment or PM lang po if you have inquiries.

Sabi ng isang may crush sakin hindi daw ako gwapo, malakas lang ang dating.

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Slimming Water, Healing Water, and pampa Beauty Products
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