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Black & Decker’s New Drill Automatically Stops When a Screw is Flush

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Offline bohica

Black & Decker might not be the best tool brand in the game, but when it comes to innovative ideas, they’re practically a factory. Case in point: the company’s latest product, the AutoSense drill/driver, is outfitted with a clever new technology that allows it to detect when a screw is driven flush and automatically stop itself from drilling deeper — thus avoiding any wood splintering or cracked drywall.

Sure, if you’re already pretty good with a drill, driving screws too deep probably isn’t much of an issue for you. But this drill isn’t designed for contractors and handypeople; it’s designed for those of us who aren’t so experienced with powertools.

As a result of it’s auto-stop function, B&D’s new drill doesn’t need a clutch (the numbered ring that allows you to adjust the power of the drill’s torque), so it’s easier to use than a normal drill. Without the need for a clutch, there’s no guesswork involved — you just set the drill to drive mode and it’ll automatically adjust the torque needed to drive the screw.

This automatic torque adjustment is actually what enables the drill to stop when you’ve driven a screw flush. When you’ve reached the point at which the screw’s head hits the material you’re drilling into, there’s a sudden change in the amount of torque needed to drive it deeper. The drill is designed to detect this change and automatically stop itself so the screw ends up flush … usually. Black & Decker realized that it was nearly impossible to get the perfect depth every time, so also it built a in a feature that allows you to make minute adjustments until everything is just right

The Black+Decker AutoSense drill should be available sometime this month, or in early June, for $80. In the meantime, you can find out more here

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Offline glen1234s

common na po sa mga drill / drivers ngayon ang clutch... usual settings from 1 to 25. Ang result pagnahirapan na ang driver irerelease niya ang contact ng driver para hindi masira ang screw head. pero ok pa din tong b&d na automatic stop if flush na... matry nga

Offline razorsharp

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ang nakita kong drill na napabilib ako e yung sa craftsman.

yung especially made sya na pantanggal ng embedded screws with broken heads or mga old, rusted and painted-over na screws. hanep. akala mo wala nang solusyon para tanggalin yung mga ganon pero meron pa pala.

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Re: Black & Decker’s New Drill Automatically Stops When a Screw is Flush
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2014, 06:53:18 AM »

Offline naruto789544

black and decker shells out affordable power tools... though not as powerful and sturdy as makita etc., they do delivery the punch in home self repairs...

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Re: Black & Decker’s New Drill Automatically Stops When a Screw is Flush
« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2017, 05:50:19 PM »


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