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NBA scores,updates,news and rumors . . .

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Reply #30 on: April 17, 2013, 08:49:20 PM
Thursday, April 18 Schedule: 15 games

Boston at Toronto - 8 pm ET, 5
pm PT

Detroit at Brooklyn - 8 pm ET,5
pm PT

Atlanta at New York - 8 pm ET,
5 pm PT

Cleveland at Charlotte - 8 pm
ET, 5 pm PT

Orlando at Miami - 8 pm ET, 5
pm PT

Philadelphia at Indiana - 8 pm
ET, 5 pm PT

Washington at Chicago - 8 pm
ET, 5 pm PT

Utah at Memphis - 8 pm ET, 5
pm PT on ESPN

New Orleans at Dallas - 8 pm
ET, 5 pm PT

Minnesota at San Antonio - 8
pm ET, 5 pm PT

Milwaukee at Oklahoma City - 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT

Phoenix at Denver - 8 pm ET, 5
pm PT

Houston at L.A. Lakers - 10:30
pm ET, 7:30 pm PT on ESPN

L.A. Clippers at Sacramento -
10:30 pm ET, 7:30 pm PT

Golden State at Portland - 10:30 pm ET, 7:30 pm PT. . .

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Re: NBA scores,updates,news and rumors . . .
« Reply #30 on: April 17, 2013, 08:49:20 PM »

Offline kingjames24szupladoh

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Reply #31 on: April 18, 2013, 06:58:34 AM
Daily Injury Updates:

BOS - Rajon Rondo (knee) out
for the season.
BOS - Jared Sullinger (back) out
for the season.
TOR - Andrea Bargnani (eblow)
out for the season.
TOR - Linas Kleiza (knee) out
for the season.
TOR - Terrence Ross (ankle)
unlikely to play.

DET - Jose Calderon (triceps)
unlikely to play.
DET - Jason Maxiell (eye) out
for the season.
BKN - Deron Williams (rest)
will play limited minutes.
BKN - Joe Johnson (rest) will
play limited minutes.
BKN - Reggie Evans (rest) will
play limited minutes.
BKN - Brook Lopez (rest) will
play limited minutes.
BKN - Jerry Stackhouse (rest)
unlikely to play.
BKN - Keith Bogans (back)
unlikely to play.

ATL - Josh Smith (knee)
unlikely to play.
ATL - Al Horford (shoulder)
unlikely to play.
ATL - Lou Williams (knee) out
for the season.
ATL - Zaza Pachulia (Achilles)
out for the season.
ATL - DeShawn Stevenson (rest)
unlikely to play.
NYK - Raymond Felton (rest)
unlikely to play.
NYK - J.R. Smith (rest) is not
expected to play.
NYK - Carmelo Anthony
(shoulder/rest) will not play.
NYK - Tyson Chandler (neck/
rest) will not play.
NYK - Amar'e Stoudemire
(knee) will not play.
NYK - Marcus Camby (foot)
unlikely to play.
NYK - Kenyon Martin (knee)
will not play.

CLE - Anderson Varejao (lung)
out for the season.
CLE - C.J. Miles (concussion)
will not play.
CLE - Luke Walton (ankle) will
not play.
CLE - Daniel Gibson (elbow)
unlikely to play.
CHA - Ramon Sessions (knee)
will not play.
CHA - Brendan Haywood (foot)
out for the season.
CHA - Byron Mullens (ankle)
unlikely to play.

ORL - Jameer Nelson (ankle)
will not play.
ORL – Glen Davis (foot) out for
the season.
ORL - Arron Afflalo (hamstring)
out for the season.
MIA - LeBron James (personal)
unlikely to play.
MIA - Chris Bosh (rest) unlikely
to play.
MIA - Dwyane Wade (rest)
unlikely to play.
MIA - Mario Chalmers (rest)
unlikely to play.
MIA - Shane Battier (knee) is
not expected to play.
MIA - Udonis Haslem (ankle) is
not expected to play.

PHI - Andrew Bynum (knee) out
for the season.
PHI - Jason Richardson (knee)
out for the season.
IND - Danny Granger (knee) out
for the season.
IND - George Hill (groin) will
not play.
IND - Paul George (rest) will
not play.
IND - David West (rest) will not
IND - Roy Hibbert (rest) will
not play.

WSH - Nene (foot/knee) out for
the season.
WSH - Trevor Ariza (knee) out
for the season.
WSH - Martell Webster
(abdomen) out for the season.
WSH - Leandro Barbosa (knee)
out for the season.
WSH - Emeka Okafor (ankle)
will not play.
CHI - Derrick Rose (knee) will
not play.
CHI - Joakim Noah (foot) will
play limited minutes.
CHI - Taj Gibson (knee) will
play limited minutes.

UTA - Enes Kanter (shoulder)
out for the season.

NOR - Grievis Vasquez (ankle)
will not play.
NOR - Austin Rivers (hand) will
not play.
NOR - Jason Smith (jshoulder)
out for the season.
NOR - Anthony Davis (knee) out for the season.
DAL - Rodrigue Beaubois (hand) out for the season.

MIN - Nikola Pekovic (calf) will
not play.
MIN - Kevin Love (hand/knee)
out for the season.
MIN - Brandon Roy (knee) out
for the season.
MIN - Malcolm Lee (knee) out
for the season.
SAS - Tony Parker (neck) will
play tonight.
SAS - Tim Duncan (knee) will
SAS - Manu Ginobili
(hamstring) is expected to play.
SAS - Kawhi Leonard (knee)
will play.
SAS - Boris Diaw (back) will not

MIL - Larry Sanders (back)
game-time decision.
OKC - Kevin Durant (rest) will
not play.
OKC - Russell Westbrook (rest)
will play limited minutes.
OKC - Kendrick Perkins
(hamstring) unlikely to play.
OKC - Derek Fisher (rest) will
not play.

PHO - Goran Dragic (ankle) will
not play.
PHO - Channing Frye (heart)
out for the season.
PHO - Marcin Gortat (foot) will
not play.
DEN - Kenneth Faried (ankle)
will not play.
DEN - Danilo Gallinari (knee)
out for the season.
DEN - Julyan Stone (knee) out
for the season.

LAL - Kobe Bryant (Achilles)
out for the season.
LAL - Steve Nash (hip/back)
will not play.
LAL - Jordan Hill (hip) will not

SAC - Tyreke Evans (knee) will
not play.

GSW - Andrew Bogut (ankle)
likely to play.
GSW - Draymond Green (knee)
GSW - Brandon Rush (knee) out for the season.
POR - LaMarcus Aldridge
(ankle) questionable.
POR - Wesley Matthews (ankle)
POR - Nicolas Batum (shoulder) will not play.
POR - Elliot Williams (Achilles)
out for the season.
POR - Nolan Smith (knee) will
not play. . .

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Reply #32 on: April 18, 2013, 08:28:08 PM
April 18, Final Scores/Leaders:

Celtics - 90 Raptors - 114
Crawford: 16 Pts. Crawford: 5
Asts. Green: 6 Rebs./DeRozan:
24 Pts. Lowry: 8 Asts. Fields: 11

Pistons - 99 Nets - 103
Bynum: 23 Pts. Knight: 5 Asts.
Monroe: 12 Rebs./Lopez: 20 Pts.
Williams: 6 Asts. Evans: 11

Hawks - 92 Knicks - 98
Scott: 23 Pts. Mack: 4 Asts.
Scott: 14 Rebs./Copeland: 33 Pts.
Shumpert: 8 Asts. Barron: 18

Cavaliers - 98 Bobcats - 105
Irving: 24 Pts. Irving: 10 Asts.
Thompson: 10 Rebs./Walker: 24
Pts. Walker: 7 Asts. Kidd-
Gilchrist: 8 Rebs.

Magic - 93 Heat - 105
Vucevic: 20 Pts. Udrih: 14 Asts.
Vucevic: 13 Rebs./Miller: 21 Pts.
Wade: 10 Asts. Andersen: 8

Sixers - 105 Pacers - 95
Wright: 23 Pts. Turner: 5 Asts.
Moultrie: 12 Rebs./Green: 34
Pts. Stephenson: 6 Asts.
Hansbrough: 9 Rebs.

Wizards - 92 Bulls - 95
Price: 24 Pts. Temple: 5 Asts.
Seraphin: 9 Rebs./Boozer: 19
Pts. Deng: 5 Asts. Boozer: 15

Jazz - 70 Grizzlies - 86
Jefferson: 22 Pts. Mo. Williams:
3 Asts. Jefferson: 16 Rebs./
Randolph: 25 Pts. Conley: 5
Asts. Randolph: 19 Rebs.
Hornets - 87 Mavericks - 99
Aminu: 16 Pts. Roberts: 6 Asts.
Aminu: 20 Rebs./Collison: 25
Pts. Nowitzki: 4 Asts. Nowitzki:
9 Rebs.

Timberwolves - 108 Spurs - 95
Williams: 21 Pts. Ridnour: 6
Asts. Stiemsma: 9 Rebs./Duncan:
17 Pts. Parker: 8 Asts. Duncan:
14 Rebs.

Bucks - 95 Thunder - 89
Henson: 28 Pts. Smith: 5 Asts.
Henson: 16 Rebs./Jackson: 23
Pts. Jackson: 5 Asts. Jones: 9

Suns - 98 Nuggets - 118
Scola: 17 Pts. Marshall: 14 Asts.
Scola: 11 Rebs./Chandler: 21 Pts.
Lawson: 7 Asts. Randolph: 14

Rockets - 95 Lakers - 99
Harden: 30 Pts. Lin: 8 Asts.
Asik: 12 Rebs./Blake: 24 Pts.
Gasol: 11 Asts. Gasol: 20 Rebs.

Clippers - 112 Kings - 108
Paul: 25 Pts. Paul: 11 Asts.
Jordan: 10 Rebs./Cousins: 36 Pts.
Thomas: 10 Asts. Cousins: 22

Warriors - 99 Blazers - 88
Thompson: 24 Pts. Curry: 5
Asts. Barnes: 10 Rebs./Aldridge:
30 Pts. Maynor: 6 Asts.
Aldridge: 21 Rebs.



1. HEAT^^ 66-16
2. KNICKS^ 54-28
3. PACERS^ 49-32
4. Nets* 49-33
5. Bulls* 45-37
6. Hawks* 44-38
7. Celtics* 41-40
8. Bucks* 38-44
9. Sixers+ 34-48
10. Raptors+ 34-48
11. Pistons+ 29-53
12. Wizards+ 29-53
13. Cavaliers+ 24-58
14. Bobcats+ 21-61
15. Magic+ 20-62

1. THUNDER^^ 60-22
2. SPURS^ 58-24
3. Nuggets* 57-25
4. CLIPPERS^ 56-26
5. Grizzlies* 56-26
6. Warriors* 46-36
7. Lakers* 45-37
8. Rockets* 45-37
9. Jazz+ 43-39
10. Mavericks+ 41-41
11. Blazers+ 33-49
12. Timberwolves+ 31-51
13. Kings+ 28-54
14. Hornets+ 27-55
15. Suns+ 25-57

^^ - Clinched Conference
^ - Clinched Division
* - Clinched Playoff Berth
+ - Eliminated from Playoffs
Division Leaders are

Note: Division Leaders are
guaranteed at least the 4th

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Re: NBA scores,updates,news and rumors . . .
« Reply #32 on: April 18, 2013, 08:28:08 PM »

Offline kingjames24szupladoh

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Reply #33 on: April 18, 2013, 08:36:11 PM
Nasa 1st Page po ang complete Schedules for 1st Round NBA playoffs 2012-2013 enjoy ^^

Offline loverboy20

Reply #34 on: April 18, 2013, 08:43:45 PM
salamat po sa info kaPTng TS.    :-X go heat!!! >:(
Always be a blessing to others :-X

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Re: NBA scores,updates,news and rumors . . .
« Reply #34 on: April 18, 2013, 08:43:45 PM »

Offline kingjames24szupladoh

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Reply #35 on: April 18, 2013, 09:06:16 PM
welcome po ^^
 tambay lang pu dito for regular updates and info ^^

eto po share info :

Did you know?

Kevin Durant is the sixth
player in NBA history to join
the 50-40-90 Club (50% for
field goals, 40% for three-point
field goals, and 90% for free
throws) for an entire NBA

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Reply #36 on: April 20, 2013, 12:05:56 AM
End of Season Team Grades :


After trading away Joe Johnson,
I thought the Hawks would fall
down to the bottom of the
playoff race. Instead, they still
managed to keep themselves
afloat in the playoff race.
Horford has emerged as a good
leader and has been consistent
on both ends of the floor.
Teague has earned the right to
become a full time starting
point guard, and Josh Smith has
displayed a full, all-around
game. They had great execution
on offense, and they got it done
collectively as a unit. The sharp
shooting of Kyle Korver has also
been a big part of their offense.
This season wasn’t bad at all
for the Hawks.


I thought the Celtics did a good
job of adding some backcourt
depth this season but,
unfortunately, they couldn’t get
a big man to aid Kevin Garnett
with the rebounding. Celtics
finished second to last in
rebounding. Rookie Jared
Sullinger helped the team as
much as he can with that
category before having a
season-ending back surgery. It
also didn’t help that Rajon
Rondo tore his ACL and was out
for the season as well. This
season was an up-and-down
season for the Celtics. In fact,
at one point of the season, they
had a six game winning streak,
followed by a six game losing
streak, followed by a seven
game winning streak. I still see
this team as a playoff threat,
but I’m sure Doc Rivers wasn’t
happy with them finishing at
the bottom of the playoff race,
even if they dealt with all those


The Nets started the season off
slow with their star point
guard struggling a little, and
their $12 million dollar power
forward’s game taking a major
plummet. They also fired their
coach Avery Johnson and hired
P.J. Carlismo, who right away
did a solid job. Brook Lopez
improved significantly as they
saw him participate in the All-
Star game. However, this team
still didn’t meet their
expectations until after the All-
Star break where Deron
Williams finally started playing
better ball, and they inserted
Reggie Evans into the starting
lineup, and he has been
providing great energy and has
been racking up rebounds every
single game. They look to be in
great shape heading into the


Not much was expected from
the Bobcats coming into the
season since they recorded the
worst record in NBA history
last season. This season was
almost the same story. They
started the season 7-5 and went
14-56 since. Their only
expectation this season was for
Walker to make an
improvement, and he did. He
improved in every category,
except for rebounding. They
took Michael Kid-Gilchrist with
the second overall pick, and he
had a decent season and at
times showed potential of what
he could be in the future. Other
than that, this has been yet
another disappointing season
for Charlotte. They shot a
league worst 42.4% from the
field. At least they ended the
season on a three game winning


Bulls played the whole season
without their superstar, Derrick
Rose and still managed to be a
top five team in the Eastern
Conference. One reason for that
was because this team believed
in their defense. Tom
Thibodeau had this group
working hard as they had the
third best defense in the NBA.
Jimmy Butler had a breakout
season and turned out to be one
of their best perimeter
defenders. Carlos Boozer
stepped it up as well by being a
force on the rebounds. As
Joakim Noah showed his all-
around skill. I, for one,
expected this type of season
from the Bulls because they
take pride on the defensive end
of the floor. The only question
mark for this team was their
offense since they didn’t have


Early in the season, Cavaliers
had a few good wins over top
tier teams, but this season
crashed for them completely
when Varejao injured his knee,
and Irving sat out with a
broken finger. Cavaliers
allowed opponents to shoot
47.6% from the field, which was
worst in the league. At least
this team saw their up-and-
coming point guard, Kyrie
Irving, make it to the All-Star
game. Also, Dion Waiters
turned out to be a solid draft
pick as he showed that he could
score and be a play maker as
well. Tristan Thompson showed
some potential too, but they
still found themselves at the
bottom of the Eastern
Conference yet again.


Mavericks started this season
without their leading scorer,
Dirk Nowitzki. However, O.J.
Mayo and Darren Collison
picked up the slack. Mayo, at
one point, led the league in 3-
pointers made, but he cooled
down as the season progressed.
Suddenly, this team found
themselves out of the playoff
race and went under .500.
Nowitzki returned late-January,
but it took him a while to get
back into rhythm. Throughout
most of the season, the
Mavericks couldn’t find a
permanent starting point guard
as they shifted Collison in-and-
out of the lineup. Mayo ended
the season off poorly, and
Nowitzki, at this age, couldn’t
single-handedly carry this team
to the playoffs, especially since
they had fallen way behind in
the playoff race. Ending results;
Mavericks missed the post-
season for the first time in
twelve years.


After playing handful of road
games to start the season, the
Nuggets struggled. However, by
December, this team turned
things around. The chemistry
between them gelled, and they
climbed up the standing.
Lawson turned in a very solid
season as he continues to show
improvement each and every
year. It took Iguodala some
time to play under George
Karl’s system, but he figured it
out. The Nuggets bench was
also a huge story this season.
Corey Brewer found his game
and became a big time
contributor off the Nuggets
bench. Chandler, who was
injured for most of the season,
came back towards the end of
the season and instantly
provided scoring and 3-point
shooting. George Karl also
turned McGee into a much
smarter player, and McGee, in
limited minutes, brought
defense and energy to the team.
Lastly, the Manimal, Kenneth
Faried, cashed in a great
season, averaging 11.5 ppg with
9.2 rpg. Denver finished top
three in the West and could be
a dangerous team to face in the


A lot of people were
enthusiastic to see the
frontcourt of Greg Monroe and
Andre Drummond and were
expecting a bit of an
improvement from this team,
but this season was no
different than last. Their most
consistent player was once
again Greg Monroe. Throughout
the whole season, Lawrence
Frank shuffled his rotations
but still found no consistency.
The trade they made for
Calderon caused a log jam in
the guard positions and didn’t
really change the identity of
this team. Stuckey didn’t have a
pleasant season at all. He was
very inconsistent and struggled
with his shooting for the most
part. The Pistons delivered yet
another losing season which led
to the firing of coach Lawrence


What a year it was for the
Warriors. Stephen Curry broke
Ray Allen’s single-season three-
point record by hitting 272
threes this season as he paced
the Warriors into the playoffs.
Curry was healthy for the most
part, and he had an All-Star
caliber season. Klay Thompson
made major improvements too
as he and Curry turned out to
be the best shooting backcourt
in the NBA. David Lee was, once
again, a double-double
machine. The most important
part was that Mark Jackson had
this team playing tougher on
the defensive end. Jarrett Jack
turned out to be a great off-
season pick up by the Warriors
as well. He was the one who
made big shots and big plays
down the stretch for them. The
only issue the Warriors faced
was the health of their big man,
Andrew Bogut, who could have
definitely provided more size
and rebounding on the
defensive end but,
unfortunately, he only played
32 games this season.


With the type of off-season the
Rockets had, it looked like they
were going to suffer a year of
mediocrity, but the James
Harden trade before the start
of the season changed the
whole atmosphere of the team.
Harden came in and right away
played at a superstar level. He
was scoring in bunches, and he
became their play maker as
well, which took a lot of
pressure off Jeremy Lin. Omer
Asik went from being a bench
player who played very limited
minutes to a starter who
averaged a double-double.
Chandler Parsons made a huge
improvement to his all-around
game. He was an underrated
play maker and had a more
improved jump shot. Their
bench played with good energy
and consistency for the most
part. This team soon became
one of the best scoring teams in
the league, averaging 106.0 ppg
and earned themselves a
playoff spot.


The Pacers came into the season
without their best player, but
Paul George quickly made a
name for himself in this league.
He made major improvements
all-around. His three-point
shooting got better. His passing
was solid, and he was their best
perimeter defender. Also, David
West showed great leadership.
The Pacers did start the season
off a little slow, but they
picked it up and had the second
best defense in the league. We
saw a team who wore
opponents out with hard-nosed,
physical defense. Their size in
the paint was a huge defensive
advantage for them, and they
were a strong rebounding team.
Hibbert was inconsistent for
the most part, but he got it
together during the last month
of the season. Frank Vogel did
an excellent job with this team,
and they will definitely be a
tough team to face in the


The Clippers had an impressive
start to their season. They
recorded a seventeen game
winning streak early, and their
bench was a huge part of it.
Crawford was a big time
offensive fire power off the
bench with his dazzling moves
and ability to score from
anywhere on the floor. Eric
Bledsoe proved to be a worthy
backup for Chris Paul, and Matt
Barnes was a reliable spot up
shooter and defender. However,
the Clipper big men still
needed to improve their inside
game. They both had some
monster dunks, but they
needed work on their post-
game, and the free throw
shooting of Jordan was still a
problem for them.
Nevertheless, with the
leadership of Chris Paul, this
team was able to win their first
division title.


The Lakers came into the
season with championship
expectations, but this season
didn’t go as planned. They had
three different coaches this
season, and the team played
mediocre basketball for most
part of the season. This team
lacked effort and energy. Their
transition defense was by far
the worst in the league. They
had turnover issues as well.
Nash got injured during the
second game of the season, and
Howard wasn’t dominant like
he used to be in Orlando. The
Lakers found themselves eight
games under .500 by late-
January, and they found
themselves at the bottom of the
standings. However, after the
All-Star break, the Lakers came
out with a better sense of
urgency, and they were playing
like they should have and
eventually made their way up
and took hold of a playoff spot.
Unfortunately, they lost Kobe
Bryant for the rest of the
season in the process.


The Grizzlies had a hot start to
the season as they defeated the
Thunder, Knicks, and Heat early
on and started 8-1. They slowed
down just a bit and traded
their top scorer to clear cap
space. Although, they still
managed to be a dangerous
team to face because of their
physical toughness. The
Grizzlies had the best defense
in the league, and it shouldn’t
be any surprise as this team
was stacked with great
perimeter defenders like Tony
Allen, Tayshaun Prince, and
Mike Conley and had great size
and rebounding with Randolph
and Gasol in their frontline.
Jerryd Bayless had an
outstanding season off the
bench as well as Quincy
Pondexter. Ed Davis also
provided some defense and
rebounding off the bench. With
suffocating, half-court defense,
the Grizzlies proved to still be a
threat, even if they traded Rudy


Usually teams who win a
championship tend to slack off
in the following season, but
that wasn’t the case with
Miami. They came out
demoralizing their opponents
each and every night by playing
suffocating defense in fourth
quarters and turning teams
over very easily. LeBron James
had an efficient year once again
by shooting 56.5% from the
field. His all-around game
continued to improve, and he
led the team to a twenty-seven
game winning streak, which
was second best in NBA history.
The Heat ended the season with
the best record in the league,
and the best record ever for the
franchise. It seemed like there
was no team in the league to
match up against them. They
looked like a team hungry for
another championship.


I didn’t expect the Bucks to be
a playoff team, but they made
it. Jennings improved his
passing skills, but fell off just a
little in scoring. Ellis played a
full season with this team, and
he gave them exactly what they
needed more of last season;
scoring. Though, the biggest
surprise for the Bucks this
season was the emergence of
Larry Sanders, especially on the
defensive end. Sanders finished
second in blocks per game and
had Ibaka-like block nights
where he got six or seven
blocks at times. Ilyasova
started the season off slow but
after Scott Skiles was fired,
Ilyasova showed why he was
the most improved player last
season. The team held a
below .500 record, but that was
enough for the Bucks to make it
to the playoffs.


With the team the
Timberwolves built during the
off-season, it looked like they
were going to come in this
season and end their playoff
drought, but the season had
injuries in store for them. Ricky
Rubio missed the first two
months of the season
recovering from last season’s
knee surgery, and Kevin Love
broke his hand before the start
of the season and played a
career-low eighteen games the
whole season. This team also
invested $5 million a year on
Brandon Roy, but he managed
to play only five games for
them. At least Rubio made a
strong return and showed the
league the talents he has.
Although, he could still improve
his shooting, but Rubio was the
most consistent player they had
all year aside from Pekovic.
Derrick Williams did show some
potential this season, but he
was still not the player the
Timberwolves were searching
for when they drafted him.


The Hornets took Anthony Davis
with the first overall pick in
hopes to improve their defense
and rebounding, but Davis
missed a handful of games due
to nagging injuries, and Eric
Gordon was also unable to play
for most part of the season, so
that didn’t pan out well for the
team. Grievis Vasquez made a
case for most improved player,
though. He finished third in
assists per game and improved
his offensive game while he
was at it. Robin Lopez made use
of his start minutes as well, but
he had an up-and-down season.
Austin Rivers, their tenth
overall pick, struggled in his
rookie season. Therefore, the
Hornets still finished at the
bottom of the standings.


The Knicks signed a whole lot
of veteran players this season
making them the oldest team in
the league. Even their rookie
was thirty-five years old but
with all those veteran players
came leadership. Jason Kidd,
for instance, turned J.R. Smith
into a smarter, team player and
mentored Felton in the process.
Anthony had an amazing season
as he went on to win the
scoring title. The three-point
shooting of this team was
incredible, mainly in the
beginning of the season. There
was a point where the Knicks
struggled, but they turned it
back around and went on a
thirteen game winning streak.
They had great bench depth
and even some of their young
guys, like Copeland came
through and earned minutes.
The Knicks slightly improved
their defense as well, and
paced themselves for the
second best record in the


After the James Harden trade,
people believed the Thunder
would fall off a bit, but Kevin
Martin has filled in very well.
He has provided pure scoring
off the bench while Westbrook
and Durant have improved their
play making skills to fill
Harden’s void. Ibaka has
emerged as the third best
player on their team and has
expanded his range offensively.
He shot a career best 57.3%
from the field and continued to
be the best shot blocker in the
NBA. Reggie Jackson also
emerged into a solid backup for
Westbrook as he took over Eric
Maynor’s role which forced the
Thunder to trade Maynor.
Thabeet played the best
basketball of his career this
season, and Sefolosha became a
better spot up shooter. This all
resulted into the top seed in
the Western Conference for the


After trading away Dwight
Howard, the Magic had a decent
start to the season, but things
crumbled for them mid-way
through. They slipped all the
way down in the standings and
found themselves with a
slightly worse record than the
Bobcats. At least we saw what
Tobias Harris and Nikola
Vucevic can do when given
starter minutes. Both of them
had an impressive season, and
Vucevic made a case for that
most improved player award.
Vucevic averaged a double-
double, but the team couldn’t
find ways to win games as they
lacked a floor leader. Orlando
did have a nice trend of young
players who could help them in
the future, but nothing much
was expected coming into this


The Sixers came into the season
with the expectations of being
a top five team in the East after
they pulled off that trade for
Andrew Bynum. However,
things didn’t go as planned for
this team with Byum missing
every single game of the
season. In fact, the two players
they received from the Iguodala
trade combined to play a total
of thirty-three games this
season. The Sixers held on to
the ninth seed, but their record
was mediocre. They didn’t meet
their expectations, but their
starting point guard became an
All-Star with improvements
across the board. That was the
only silver lining for the 76ers
this season. Other than that, it
was an offensive struggle for
them. This team was dead last
in points per game.


After trading away Steve Nash,
I thought the Suns did a solid
job of adding some good, young
players to the mix, enough for
them to be around the eleventh
or twelfth seed, but they
finished dead last in the
Western Conference. Dragic
played well, but the rest of the
team was far too inconsistent.
Beasley became a problem at
one point of the season, and
Shannon Brown soon fell out of
the rotation. The Suns fired
Coach Gentry, but that didn’t
make much of a difference.
Gortat wasn’t having the season
he had last year and eventually
ended up getting injured and
missed the second half of the
season. This was definitely one
disappointing season for the


An electrifying start to the
season for the Blazers. They did
well by picking Damian Lillard
in the draft, and Lillard ran
through the rookie wall and had
a phenomenal rookie year. He
reenergized the Rose Garden
crowd and brought new life and
hopes to the team. Aldridge
improved his rebounding
slightly and had yet another
great season. Batum stepped it
up as well, and J.J. Hickson was
picking up double-doubles.
However, the Blazers did not
end the season well, losing
thirteen straight games. Batum
struggled to stay healthy
towards the end, and their lack
of depth affected them.
Portland’s bench was last in
scoring, so the injury problems
were crucial. Therefore, the
Blazers fell out of the playoff
mix as the season went on.


The Kings drafted Thomas
Robinson, and everyone
anticipated to see a Robinson-
Cousins duo in the frontcourt,
but Robinson didn’t live up to
his expectations and was
traded before the deadline.
However, at least Cousins had
another wonderful year and put
up great number. Isaiah
Thomas continued with his
brilliance, but they just didn’t
have enough to win a lot of
games. They had a few
impressive wins here and there,
but they still ended up being at
the bottom of the standings
once again. The city of
Sacramento also had to deal
with the franchise being sold to
Seattle throughout the course of
the season. There weren’t high
expectations for this team this
season, so their ultimate goal
now is to keep the team in
Sacramento at least.


Here they were, once again, the
ageless San Antonio Spurs
keeping pace with other young
teams to stay on top of the
Western Conference. Tony
Parker delivered another great
season, and Tim Duncan played
well on the defensive end,
finishing third in blocked shots.
With good enough bench depth,
the Spurs held on to the second
seed despite having minor
injury problems to their star
players. Of course, they were
very well-coached, so even their
young players stepped it up
when their best players were
injured or resting. Green and
Leonard continued to impress
and improve and both of them
became trusted figures in
Popovich’s offense. The Spurs
once again made the case of
being championship contenders.


The Raptors season didn’t start
off well. I thought they had a
lot of talent but didn’t meet
expectations until they turned
it around a little and made a
playoff push after acquiring
Rudy Gay. DeRozan’s jump shot
improved significantly. He was
the one who hit big time shots
for them during close games.
Rudy Gay complimented
DeRozan’s game really well as
the Raptors collected nice,
young athletic wing players.
However, the Raptors struggled
towards the end of the season
which saw them finishing
fourteen games under .500, but
this team has high hopes for
the future.


Jazz deserved a lot of credit for
coming to this season and
managing to be a playoff
caliber team once again.
Jefferson and Millsap both
controlled the paint, and Mo
Williams provided them with
more consistent shooting.
Favors and Kanter improved on
the low block as well. They
both brought great energy and
rebounding and showed
potential. The Jazz playoff push
ended on the last day of the
season, so this team put up a
great fight, but their perimeter
shooting suffered, and they
missed the playoffs by two
games. All-in-all, this was still
a solid season for the Jazz.


The Wizards started their
season off very poorly with a
record of 1-13. After the return
of John Wall, the team started
playing better though. Wall
matured as a player and
became a better leader. He
improved his shooting and
range a bit and helped the
Wizards climb out of the
fifteenth seed. Ariza and
Okafor were good pickups as
each of them helped with the
defense, and Okafor helped the
team with rebounding as well.
The Wizards also had good
depth on the wing. Webster
provided good floor spacing and
three-point shooting off the
bench. However, their offense
was still the main struggle as
they were second to last in
scoring, but this team has a
good future lined up for them.

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Greatest NBA point
guards of all time . . .

The point guard position in the
NBA is something that has been
in a constantly dynamic state
from the days of Bob Coust to
Magic Johnson and now players
like Kyrie Irving and Russell
Westbrook. There are the
traditionally small, pass-first
point guards (Rajon Rondo, Chris
Paul) and the players like Irving
and Rose who are multi-faceted
and are coveted for their ability
to facilitate for others but also
create for themselves. The
greatest NBA point guards of all
time may vary wildly in how they
played the game but one thing is
for sure: all fit the bill as
excellent ball-handlers.

So, while there is an extensive list
of great NBA point guards, here
are the top 10 of all time :


The Glove had a long and
impressive career that only saw
one championship because there
was only really one team that won
the Finals in the 1990s. While
Tony Parker may give him a run
for his money on this 10-spot,
Payton was a premiere defensive
point guard who earned a spot on
nine All-Defensive First Teams and
won the 1996 Defensive Player of
the Year award.


A significant cog in the two
championships that the New York
Knicks won in the early 70s,
Frazier put up an incredible 36
points and dished out 19 dimes in
Game 7 of the 1970 Finals. Like
Payton, Frazier was also known
for his ability to force turnovers
and was named to seven All-
Defensive First Teams.


Now that we’ve covered our basis
on the point guards that played
defense, it’s time to get into some
that were not quite as involved
on that side of the basketball (it's
a joke...well, maybe not). Nash is
known for being a relatively
lackadaisical defender but his two
MVP awards outshine those
deficits. Although he may never
win that first NBA championship,
Nash was an incredible point
guard who could thread the
needle with the best passers of all time.


Too many lists that I’ve read have
not given enough love to this guy.
I’ll admit that I was never a huge
fan of Iverson during his playing
days…well maybe aside from this.
But there is no denying his
greatness; The Answer made the
crossover an art and was arguably
the best basketball player pound-
for-pound at 6’0”. His style of
play doesn't exactly scream "point
guard" but Iverson was the
prelude to players today like
Westbrook, Irving, Parker, and
Derrick Rose who aren't PGs in
the traditional sense. In terms of
legacy, AI’s at seven but if you
ask me who I’d draft as a GM,
Iverson as a rookie or in his
prime is easily in the top-five.


Although he never had the
flashiness of Iverson’s scoring or
Nash’s passing, Jason Kidd has
been the model of consistency
for nearly two decades in the
NBA. For the vast majority of his
career, he was known as a pass-
first point guard but even
improved his outside shooting
after joining Dirk Nowitzki in
Dallas during 2008. After adding
an NBA title to a host of other
accomplishments (All-Star
appearances, league leading assist
numbers, First Team awards both
All-NBA and All-Defensive), he
solidified his legacy with the
greatest of all time.


The man who ran point for Bill
Russell’s 60s Celtics boasts six
rings and an MVP award. He led
the NBA in assists for eight
consecutive years and was known
for flashy “street ball”-type
moves. Even though his field goal
percentage verged on terrible, the
star PG was named to an
incredible 10 All-NBA First
Teams. Cousy dominated a
generation of basketball and put
up astounding assist numbers
despite the fact that there was no
shot clock in the early 50s.


Although his post-playing career
has proven to be less than
impressive, Isiah Thomas led the
“Bad Boys” to back-to-back NBA
championships in 1989 and 1990.
Not only that but in the 1988
NBA Finals, Thomas had one of
the greatest playoff performances
of all time after a third quarter
ankle sprain (albeit in a losing
effort). He owns most of the
statistical records in Detroit and
nearly averaged 20 points and 10 assists for his career .


John Stockton is the best
traditional point guard in NBA
history. With the all-time NBA
records in both assists (15,806)
and steals (3,265), he and Karl
Malone tore up the Western
conference during the 90s.
Known as the ultimate pick and
roll point man, he also was able
to score at an incredibly efficient
rate (over 50 percent from the
field and 38 percent from three).


Often considered the LeBron
James of his day, Oscar Robertson
was a do-it-all point guard. At
6’5”, the Big O averaged a triple-
double for an entire season. Not
only that but he was less than a
half a rebound or assist away
from averaging one in three
more seasons. Often considered
one of the most well-rounded
players in NBA history, he also
has the hardware (NBA champion
and MVP) to back up his case as one of the greatest.

1. ERVIN "magic" JOHNSON

Five-time NBA champion, three-
time MVP, nine-time All-NBA First
Team, four-time NBA assists
leader…Magic Johnson is up there
as one of the greatest NBA
players of all time . He is the best
point guard of all time without a
doubt. At 6’9”, he was quite a bit
more versatile than most PGs
(who were a solid half-foot
shorter) but the No. 1 overall
pick in the 1979 NBA Draft had a
career that was great from the
get-go. The only rookie ever to
win the Finals MVP award, he
finished off the 76ers in the 1980
Finals with 42 points, 15
rebounds, seven assists, and three steals…as the starting center.

source : Bases and Baskets

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With superstars littered
throughout playoff teams and
exciting back-stories to virtually all series, the 2013 NBA playoffs are certainly shaping up to be entertaining and exciting. While the eventual fate of the playoffs falls into the hands of the likely MVP LeBron James and the Miami Heat, (almost) all series should prove to be exciting and very few teams will dominate their opponent.

Some of the bigger stories to
follow and see how they unfold:
can the Lakers overcome Kobe
Bryant’s injury and Dwight
Howard take over the reins in Los Angeles? The Lakers finished the season on a five-game win streak and Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard
appear to be clicking without
Kobe. Another major story: can the Thunder win in the playoffs without Harden? And how will a Harden vs. Durant-Westbrook first round go? Much has been
said about whether or not OKC should have kept Westbrook over Durant, and now the magnifying
glass returns to the athletic point guard in Oklahoma City.

Of course, Carmelo Anthony’s
perennial playoff struggles will
also be something to focus on.
Melo has been an impressive
regular season performer—and recently beat out Kevin Durant
for the 2013 scoring title—but can he do it in the playoffs? He certainly has the surrounding pieces, and his legacy may be on the line this year as much as
LeBron James’ was last year.

As mentioned earlier, the No. 1 story is clear: can anybody beat Miami? And how much does San Antonio have left in the tank? The Spurs finished the season with a
three-game losing streak…a far-cry from their ten-game win streak at the end of the 2012 season. A final major story: what Clippers and Nuggets teams will
show up in the playoffs? Both
teams have had periods of
incredible success and are coming into the playoffs relatively hot, so
can that continue that when it
matters most?

Here is how I see some of those stories and the 2013 NBA playoffs panning out:

*Round 1 Games

Western Conference

(1) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (8) Houston Rockets

It will be very interesting to see if the Rockets can run with OKC, but ultimately this series should not be much of a competition.
The Thunder have experience and talent on their side and barring an incredible meltdown should be able to overpower their former teammate, James Harden.

Prediction: OKC wins, 4-1

(2) San Antonio Spurs vs. (7) LosAngeles Lakers

In my mind, San Antonio is the
biggest question mark going intothe playoffs. They have not
played very well of late which
certainly has the potential to
carry over into the playoffs.
Duncan’s minutes have also been very limited this entire seasonand it’s difficult to see how he could play extended minutes in the playoffs, especially against
the duo of Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. On the other hand, when the playoffs come around, San Antonio always seems to show up
and prove any doubters and nay-sayers wrong. This series will last six or seven games and in the end, I think the Lakers have ashot at pulling off a big upset.
Dwight and Pau have been
clicking of late and Duncan and Parker average less than 35 minutes a game each. The Lakers got hot at the right time.

Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 4-3

(3) Denver Nuggets vs. (6) Golden State Warriors

This should also be a very
entertaining series. The raining threes show that Steph Curry and
Klay Thompson can put on is
something that can be nearly
unstoppable at times. The
Nuggets, however, owned the
NBA’s best home record at 38-3 this season. If the Warriors can play defense like they have in the
final games of the regular season and continue to nail outside shots, the wild West is in for another upset.

Prediction: Golden State wins,

(4) Los Angeles Clippers vs. (5)
Memphis Grizzlies

Ironically, the four vs. five seed
game will likely be less
competitive than either the two vs. seven or three vs. six seed games. Lob City is rolling and Memphis always seems to choke in the playoffs. It would be tragic if Los Angeles finished the season
that they started off so well with with a first round loss—and that should not happen.

Prediction: Los Angeles wins, 4-2

Eastern Conference

(1) Miami Heat vs. (8) Milwaukee
Bucks Not much to say here. LeBron,Wade, and Bosh will handleMonta and Brandon Jennings with ease.

Prediction: Miami wins, 4-0

(2) New York Knicks vs. (7)
Boston Celtics

Like Popovich, I would never cast out the coaching ability of Doc Rivers in the playoffs. Clearly New York has the better player personnel but Boston has the
been-there-done-that attitude and found a way to get into the playoffs without their superstar point guard, Rajon Rondo. In the end, however, I will keep with my
theme of out with the old in with the new. KG’s limited minutes won’t be enough to slow down the 2013 NBA scoring champion.

Prediction: New York wins, 4-3

(3) Indiana Pacers vs. (6)
Atlanta Hawks

Like Memphis, Atlanta has a knack for playing teams very well in the first round of the playoffs but are just never able to pull off the
series win. Indiana played Miami well in the 2012 playoffs and their core group is still together. With one of the NBA’s best
defenses, the Pacers will win this series relatively comfortably.

Prediction: Indiana wins, 4-2

(4) Brooklyn Nets vs. (5)

Chicago Bulls
As great as the Chicago Bulls have played without their MVP point guard, Derrick Rose , it won’t be
enough come the playoffs.
Brooklyn has Joe Johnson, Deron Williams, and a force down-low in
Brook Lopez. While none of that trio has been particularly
impressive on their own in playoff situations, the combination of the
three will be enough for Deron
Williams to beat his former
teammate, Carlos Boozer, and the Chicago Bulls.

Prediction: Brooklyn wins, 4-3

*Conference Semifinals

Western Conference

(1) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (4)Los Angeles Clippers

Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins will help showcase their roles for
OKC in this conference semifinal matchup and keep Blake Griffin from throwing down many Chris
Paul alley-oops. Durant and
Westbrook will provide the brunt of the scoring load and they will prove that they don’t (yet) miss James Harden.

Prediction: Oklahoma City wins, 4-2

(6) Golden State Warriors vs. (7) Los Angeles Lakers

Six seed vs. seven seed…you
probably didn’t expect that but there is certainly a legitimate possibility that three California
teams advance to the second
round of the playoffs. A Golden State vs. Los Angeles matchup will be very interesting because the
Lakers will struggle to stop the
outside shooting of the Warriors and the Warriors will have trouble with Gasol and Howard on the
inside. In the end, Bogut, D-Lee, and Festus Ezeli will provide the
interior defense needed to muffle LA’s duo and if Curry and Klay can hoist up threes with success
similar to their regular season
performance, this “We Belong” team can advance a round further than the 2007 “We Believe” team.

Prediction: Golden State wins,

Eastern Conference

(1) Miami Heat vs. (4) Brooklyn

Again, barring an incredible
surprise, the Heat road to the
conference finals should be
smooth sailing if they don’t take anything for granted. I don’t see that happening after the scare that Indiana gave them last year.
They know what it takes to win in the playoffs.

Prediction: Miami wins, 4-1

(2) New York Knicks vs. (3)
Indiana Pacers

A Knicks-Pacers series will be a
fun one to watch as strength
battles strength. Can the Knicks great offense beat the Pacers stellar defense? My thoughts:
Carmelo realizes what these
playoffs mean and it is his time
to prove he is more than a great regular season performer.

Prediction: New York wins, 4-3

*Conference Finals

Western Conference
(1) Oklahoma City Thunder vs. (6) Golden State Warriors
As much as I would like to say
that the Warriors can earn a trip to the Finals, one year together (really less because of Bogut’s injury) is not enough to beat a perennial championship contender. Unless Westbrook
makes some bone-headed
decisions like he did in last year’s NBA Finals, this is the Thunder’s series to lose. If the shots fall for
Golden State and Bogut solidifies the interior, the series may go to six or seven games but otherwise look for the Thunder to return to
the Finals.

Prediction: Oklahoma City wins, 4-1

Eastern Conference
(1) Miami Heat vs. (2) New York

This is the battle of the 2003 NBA Draft as four of the top five picks fight for a trip to the NBA Finals —LeBron James (1st overall pick),
Carmelo Anthony (3), Chris Bosh (4), and Dwyane Wade (5). Melo should give Miami more than an easy walk-through but like their
previous series, the Heat will take care of business in the
conference finals.

Prediction: Miami wins, 4-2

*NBA Finals

Miami Heat (1) vs. Oklahoma City Thunder (1)
Just as I stuck with my preseason predictions for the NBA Finals matchup, I’m also doing so for
the NBA champion. If OKC cannot beat Miami with Harden, then they definitely cannot do so without Harden. While it is probably legitimate to say that an OKC team minus Westbrook
would have a tough time against the Big Three in Miami, too, what the Thunder have now is not enough to win a championship. Like last year, LeBron will take home regular season and NBA Finals MVP honors en route to a
second consecutive title for the Heat.

Prediction: Miami wins, 4-1;

Finals MVP: LeBron James

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Playoffs Schedule: Philippine

April 21, SUNDAY

- Knicks vs Boston at 3am (NBA
- Nuggets vs Warriors at 5:30am
- Nets vs Bulls at 8am (NBA
- Grizzlies vs Clippers at 10:30am

April 22, MONDAY

- Pacers vs Hawks at 1am (BTV)
- Spurs vs Lakers at 3:30am
- Heat vs Bucks at 7am(NBA
- Thunder vs Rockets at 9:30am
(NBA Premium)

April 23, Tuesday

- Nets vs Bulls at 8am (NBA
- Grizzlies vs Clippers at 10:30am
(NBA Premium, BTV)

April 24, Wednesday

- Heat vs Bucks at 7:30am (BTV)
- Knicks vs Boston at 8am (ESPN)
- Spurs vs Lakers at 9:30am (NBA
- Nuggets vs Warriors at 10:30am
(NBA Premium)

April 25, Thursday

- Thunder vs Rockets at 7am
- Pacers vs Hawks at 7 30am

April 26, Friday

- Heat vs Bucks at 7am (NBA
- Nets vs Bucks at 8:30am (BTV)
- Grizzlies vs Clippers at 9:30am
(NBA Premium)

April 27, Saturday

- Knicks vs Boston at 8am (ESPN)
- Spurs vs Lakers at 10:30am
(NBA Premium, ABS-CBN)
- Nuggets vs Warriors at 10:30am

April 28, Sunday

- Nets vs Bulls at 2am (NBA
- Grizzlies vs Clippers at 4:30am
- Pacers vs Hawks at 7am (ABS-
- Thunder vs Rockets at 9:30am
(NBA Premium, BTV)

April 29, Monday

- Knicks vs Boston at 1am (BTV)
- Heat vs Bucks at 3:30am (NBA
- Spurs vs Lakers at 7am (NBA
- Nuggets vs Warriors at 9:30am
(ABS-CBN) . . .

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April 21, Final Scores/Leaders:

Celtics - 78 Knicks - 85
Green: 26 Pts. Pierce: 7 Asts.
Bass: 10 Rebs./Anthony: 36 Pts.
Felton: 6 Asts. Martin: 9 Rebs.

Warriors - 95 Nuggets - 97
Thompson: 22 Pts. Jack: 10 Asts.
Lee: 14 Rebs./Miller: 28 Pts.
Iguodala: 5 Asts. Chandler: 13

Bulls - 89 Nets - 106
Boozer: 25 Pts. Boozer: 4 Asts.
Boozer: 8 Rebs./Williams: 22
Pts. Williams: 7 Asts. Evans: 13

Grizzlies - 91 Clippers - 112
Bayless: 19 Pts. Gasol: 7 Asts.
Davis: 6 Rebs./Paul: 23 Pts.
Paul: 7 Asts. Jordan: 8 Rebs.


Playoffs Tree:


1. Thunder - 0
8. Rockets - 0

4. Clippers - 1
5. Grizzlies - 0

3. Nuggets - 1
6. Warriors - 0

2. Spurs - 0
7. Lakers - 0


1. Heat - 0
8. Bucks - 0

4. Nets - 1
5. Bulls - 0

3. Pacers - 0
6. Hawks - 0

2. Knicks - 1
7. Celtics - 0

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Monday, April 22 Schedule:

Game 1 - Atlanta at Indiana - 1
pm ET, 10 am PT on TNT

Game 1 - L.A. Lakers at San
Antonio - 3:30 pm ET, 12:30 pm

Game 1 - Milwaukee at Miami -
7 pm ET, 4 pm PT on TNT

Game 1 - Houston at Oklahoma
City - 9:30 pm ET, 6:30 pm PT
on TNT


Daily Injury Updates (Only for
teams playing tonight):

ATL - Lou Williams (knee) out
for the season.
ATL - Zaza Pachulia (Achilles)
out for the season.
IND - Danny Granger (knee) out
for the season.

LAL - Kobe Bryant (Achilles)
out for the season.
LAL - Steve Nash (hip/back) is
expected to play.
LAL - Jordan Hill (hip) will not
play. (Will not play during the
1st round)
SAS - Boris Diaw (back) will not

-No Injuries

OKC - Kendrick Perkins
(hamstring) likely to play . . .

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nice update lng to mga tsong salamat sa mga info ^_^

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April 22, Final Scores/Leaders:

Hawks - 90 Pacers - 107

Teague: 21 Pts. Teague: 7 Asts.
Smith: 8 Rebs./George: 23 Pts.
George: 12 Asts. George: 11

Lakers - 79 Spurs - 91
Howard: 20 Pts. Gasol: 6 Asts.
Gasol: 16 Rebs./Parker: 18 Pts.
Parker: 8 Asts. Leonard: 11

Bucks - 87 Heat - 110
Jennings: 26 Pts. Ellis: 3 Asts.
Ilyasova: 6 Rebs./James: 27 Pts.
James: 8 Asts. James: 10 Rebs.

Rockets - 91 Thunder - 120
Harden: 20 Pts. Lin: 4 Asts.
Jones: 8 Rebs./Durant: 24 Pts.
Westbrook: 10 Asts. Westbrook: 8 Rebs.


Playoff Tree:


1. Thunder - 1
8. Rockets - 0

4. Clippers - 1
5. Grizzlies - 0

3. Nuggets - 1
6. Warriors - 0

2. Spurs - 1
7. Lakers - 0

1. Heat - 1
8. Bucks - 0

4. Nets - 1
5. Bulls - 0

3. Pacers - 1
6. Hawks - 0

2. Knicks - 1
7. Celtics - 0

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Daily Injury Updates (Only for
teams playing tonight):


CHI - Joakim Noah (foot)
intends to play.
CHI - Derrick Rose (knee) will
not play.
CHI - Kirk Hinrich (thigh) will

-No Injuries.



-Grizzlies C Marc Gasol wins
NBA Defensive Player of the

-J.R. Smith wins Sixth Man

-Paul George wins Most
Improved Player of the Year

-Both Phoenix Suns and
Cleveland Cavaliers wants Mike
Brown to fill the void as
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